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Although many of our activities and discussions are carried out online, we do meet at regular events and meetings, some of these events may be held by various local diversity groups in different medical schools. We also advertise events held by other GLBT health organizations, such as SOGLAD (Southern Ontario Gay & Lesbian Associations of Doctors) in Ontario and GLMA (Gay & Lesbian Medical Association) in the U.S., so that we can network with other GLBT residents, physicians, and health care professionals in North America. We also have a few events/gatherings of our own just for GLBT med students at various locations in Canada and at conferences. For details of all these events, email us at (also email us for various other events held by local GLBT medical groups not listed below).



Upcoming Event Postings of Interest for our Members

(including external events organized by other groups):

Please email us for other local events



Sunday, June 28, 2015

4th Annual Pride March for LGBTQ Doctors & Allies, Toronto Pride Parade 2015, Downtown Toronto, 1:00 to 4:00 PM

Please email us at for details on meeting location and RSVP. **To learn more about the history of this event, please refer to this CMAJ news article about its inaugural march in 2012.


September 23 to 26, 2015

33rd Annual Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) Conference, Portland, Oregon, USA



Highlights from past event postings:


June 26-30, 2013

Women in Medicine Annual Retreat and Conference for lesbian medical students and physicians, Clearwater, Florida, USA


September 18 to 21, 2013

31st Annual Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) Conference, Denver, Colorado, USA


November 7 to 8, 2013

9th Annual BC Gay Men’s Health Summit, Vancouver, BC


July 1, 2012

Toronto Pride Parade MD Pride March, Toronto, Ontario - sponsored by SOGLAD


September 19 to 23, 2012

30th Annual Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) Conference, San Francisco, California


November 1 to 2, 2012

8th Annual BC Gay Men’s Health Summit, Vancouver, BC


Thursday, October 5, 2006

SOGLAD Annual Meeting, Toronto


Saturday October 7, 2006

7th Annual Party Health Summit, Montreal

(Sunday Oct. 8 – Black & Blue Festival)


October 11-14, 2006

GLMA 24th Annual Conference, San Francisco, California


December 1-2, 2006

2nd Annual BC Gay Men’s Health Summit, Vancouver


January 5-7, 2007

McGill GAYMDS social event for GLBT med students during MedGames/FSS, Montreal


Saturday, January 13, 2007

SOGLAD Community Cancer Health Forum for the LGBT community, Toronto


March 14-18, 2007

U.S. LGBTI Health Summit 2007, Philadelphia, PA


Saturday, March 24, 2007

GAYMDS dinner social for McGill and U de M medical students & physicians, Montreal


April 5-7, 2007

6th Annual Trans-Health Conference, Philadelphia, PA


July 25-29, 2007

Women in Medicine Annual Retreat & Conference for lesbian medical students and physicians, in Burlington, Vermont (which is 1.5 hour drive south of Montreal)


September 26-29, 2007

25th Annual GLMA conference, San Juan, Puerto Rico, USA


November 1-2, 2007

3rd Annual British Columbia Gay Men’s Health Summit


June 27-28, 2008

1st Annual Canadian Professional Association for Transgender Health (CPATH) Conference, Toronto


July 9-13, 2008

Women in Medicine Annual Conference & Retreat for lesbian physicians and medical students, Asilomar, California (just south of San Francisco)


October 22-25, 2008

26th Annual Gay & Lesbian Medical Association (GLMA) Conference, Seattle, WA



Past events in 2005-2006:


September 22-24, 2005

GLMA 23rd Annual Conference, Montreal, Quebec

Welcome reception for Montreal area physicians and medical students

“The Ontario Reception” hosted by the openly gay Ontario Minister of Health: The Hon. George Smitherman (see article from Medscape/Reuters)


October 8-9, 2005

Black & Blue Festival 6th Annual Party Health Summit, Montreal, Quebec

Trip to Black & Blue gay benefit circuit party


October 20, 2005

SOGLAD Annual General Meeting, Toronto, Ontario


November 3-5, 2005

2nd Annual Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition Conference, Halifax, Nova Scotia;

Social event with Halifax GLBT medical students/physicians


November 23, 2005

SOGLAD Hamilton Event: group discussion and social, Hamilton, Ontario


November 30, 2005

Wine and cheese social for UBC GLBT Medical Students and Residents and Vancouver-area GLBT physicians, Vancouver, B.C.


December 3, 2005

GLBT Meds Ottawa Brunch social, Ottawa, Ontario


March 29-April 2, 2006

AMSA Convention (with LGBTPM programming), Chicago, Illinois, USA


April 29, 2006

Presentations and social events for GLBT medical students and physicians, London, Ontario


May 14-18, 2006

Women in Medicine Annual Retreat and Conference for lesbian medical students and physicians, Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA


May 20-25, 2006

Annual meeting and social events for the Association of Gay & Lesbian Psychiatrists (AGLP), Toronto, Ontario


June 24, 2006

Toronto Pride dinner social for GLBT Meds, 7pm to 9pm

SOGLAD Table at the Toronto Pride Community Fair, 9am to 4pm


August 5, 2006

Vancouver Pride brunch social for GLBT Meds, Vancouver, B.C.



Past Events in 2004-2005:


September 30, 2004

SOGLAD Annual General Meeting, Toronto


October 9-10, 2004

5th Annual Black and Blue Health Summit, Montreal

Trip to the Black and Blue circuit party, Montreal


October 20-24, 2004

22nd Annual GLMA Conference, Palm Springs, California


November 4-7, 2004

Presentation at the 1st Annual Canadian national Rainbow Health Conference in Gatineau, Quebec - Workshop title: “GLBT Visibility and Activism in Medical Education”

Post-conference brunch with GLBT Meds Ottawa


November 15, 2004

SOGLAD Hamilton Event: Group discussion on the coming out in medicine:

Social with medical students and physicians from Hamilton, Toronto, London and Buffalo.


January 7-9, 2005

Social gathering at Montreal during MedGames/FSS in Montreal:

Dinner party in the Montreal Gay Village


February 7, 2005

McMaster Sexual Diversity in Medicine Interest Group presents:

Panel discussion on GLBT health issues and queer-affirmative doctor-patient relationship, with panelists from McMaster, UWO, and U of T.


March 16-20, 2005

AMSA Convention (with LGBTPM programming), Washington, DC


April 10-14, 2005

Women in Medicine 20th Annual Retreat and Conference for lesbian medical students and physicians, Georgia, USA


April 30 to May 1, 2005

Dinner meeting for GLBT med students and faculty members, with members of the Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition

Presentation at the 2005 Medical Education Conference, Saskatoon, SK


June 25-26, 2005

Pre-Pride Parade Dinner Party

Trip to Toronto Pride Parade!


July 29 to August 1, 2005

Trip to Vancouver Pride!

Trip to Montréal Pride (Divers/Cité)!



Past Events in our inaugural year (2003-2004):


December 2003

Christmas Social in the Gay Village, Toronto


January/February  2004

Meeting and networking during a med student conference (MSFC) in Kingston, Ontario


March 2004

Trip to see the play “The Laramie Project” in Toronto

Other informal social activities during March Break


April 2004

Trip to a GLBT community health fair in Toronto

SOGLAD Spring Social, Toronto


June 2004

SOGLAD Pre-pride backyard BBQ, Toronto

Toronto Pride dinner for GLBT Meds, Toronto Pride weekend


July/August 2004

Vancouver Pride Trip

Montreal Pride Trip


August 2004

End-of-summer party, Toronto




Email us at to find out more about our upcoming fun and exciting events, plus many other great projects/initiatives for GLBT med students!



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