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Support Services for GLBT Meds’ Careers



Mentorship program for GLBT pre-medical students:


Medical students in Canada available to be mentors for GLBT pre-medical students


Email us at for joining the mentorship program or for other specific advice on Canadian medical school applications



Role models of GLBT people in Medicine

National Mentorship Program for GLBT medical students:


MD mentors available at your school / city for Canadian GLBT medical students – these mentors include GLBT physicians and faculty members, residents, or senior medical students from across the country. (This includes mentors from the SOGLAD mentorship program.) Again, email us to join! (



Clinical Elective opportunities for GLBT medical students


Directory of elective opportunities for clinical exposure to GLBT health (located at health clinics serving a predominantly GLBT patient population) in major cities in Canada and the US.

SOGLAD Electives: not just on GLBT health, GLBT clinical professors supervising electives in various specialties


Email us at for more information about these elective opportunities



Other career advice for GLBT medical trainees:


Wonder which specialties are more gay-friendly?

Wonder which specialties have a visible GLBT presence?

Wonder which specialties will enable you to work with a specific GLBT community and make a positive difference in their lives?


Wonder how GLBT issues are played out in the CaRMS process?

Wonder how to balance your career with your personal and family relationships?

Wonder how to incorporate activism into your medical career?


Join our discussion listserv to find out – email us at


General links on physicians’ careers:

-          Links for graduating residents searching for specific job postings:

-          CMA’s Career Centre

-          Medical Recruiting Services



[Resources]   [Careers]   [GLBT Health]   [Allies]   [Religion]



Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact us at


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